Food Safety And Healthy Living
International Summer School

September 15 – 23, 2023
Ljubljana, Slovenia

The Invitation

It is our privilege and pleasure to invite you and your colleagues to attend
The International Summer School
which will be held in Ljubljana, Slovenia, during September 15 – 23, 2023.

The summer school will bring together Slovenian and foreign universities and leading representatives from national and international scientific research, as well as scientific and professional organizations.

The main aim of this summer school is the training of undergraduate and postgraduate students (master and PhD) using pedagogical strategies for teaching/learning/evaluation in the field of food safety in order to have a healthy living.

Didactical materials and teaching methodologies will be usefully also for educational staff or learners, increasing the cooperation between institutions/organizations.

The Aims and Objectives

The overall goal of the summer school is to expose students to current research developments and the latest technologies in a variety of areas of the life sciences, with an emphasis on the nutritional properties of foods and their chemical/microbiological safety, leading to improved quality of life and long-term health. Students will be encouraged to actively participate in class discussions through lectures by internationally recognised professors. They will also be involved in practical laboratory work from various research areas, namely biotechnology, microbiology, food technology, and sensory analysis, with the goal of obtaining a novel food product with improved properties. During these activities, problem solving, teamwork, discussion and oral communication skills will be strengthened. Furthermore, the field trip to a world-renowned winery on the beautiful Slovenian coast will provide insight into the technological practices of the wine industry. Students will also benefit from interaction with colleagues from other European universities and make connections that could lead to future professional collaborations. Students will also benefit from the interaction with colleagues from other European universities and making connections that could lead to future professional collaborations.

Students will be awarded 3 ECTS upon fulfilling the summer school requirements (attendance at lectures and laboratory classes, group presentations of laboratory work).


  • Nutritional properties of food
  • Chemical and microbial food safety
  • Introduction of novel foods (e.g., microalgae, insects)
  • Lactic fermentation – a tool to improve nutritional properties of foods
  • Extraction of bioactive compounds from various natural sources
  • Chemical and biological characterization of bioactive compounds
  • Food for a healthy brain
  • Sensory analysis