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It is our privilege and pleasure to invite you and your colleagues to attend
The International Summer School
which will be held in Brasov, Romania, during June 30 - July 3, 2019.

The summer school will bring together Romanian and foreign universities and leading representatives from international and national scientific research, as well as scientific and professional organizations.

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  • The prevention of anaphylaxis in food allergy needs a multidisciplinary approach
  • In vitro models to evaluate the biological activity of plant-derived compounds
  • Antioxidants in various food
  • Mycotoxins – toxicity and detection in food matrices
  • A highly sensitive xantine oxidase-based biosensor for the determination of antioxidant capacity in fruit samples
  • Invasive knotweeds – the source of bioactive substances
  • Polyphenols, from neuroprotection to safety
  • Biomonitoring of toxic chemical substances in Romanian population: serum levels of persistent organic pollutants and inorganic elements in adults and children
  • Biochemical parameters in determination of nutritional status in motor neuron disease
  • Glucose monitoring using biosensors. Past-Present-Future
  • Spectrophotometric analysis of medicinal plant extracts
  • Recovery of bioactive components from fruit processing wastes
  • Life sciences from the perspective of a nonlinear approach; theories, models, applications
  • Oxidative stress induced by food contamination with metals
  • The role of exposome in allergic diseases and asthma
  • Ethical dilemmas and food safety attitude
  • Role of epigenetic changes in cancer
  • Hygienic design for sustainability
  • Nutrition in childhood - the premise for a healthy adulthood
  • Potential anticancer effects of food-related components