Selection of Participants

Undergraduate, master and PhD students from partner universities will participate to Summer School in Brasov (Aug 26-30, 2018) in order to achieve new information in the field of the food safety and healthy living.

Selection of the candidates for mobility (exchanges or to participate to summer school) will be based on:

  • CV,
  • letter of motivation,
  • letter of recommendation (provided from a teacher from their university),
  • attestation of his/her level degree (to attest that she/he is undergraduate/ master / PhD student at partner university

Local coordinators will take care of the eligibility criteria and will discuss with interested people about possible questions related to this participation.

Registration for this summer school is FREE.

No lunch is provided by organizers during the summer school.

Registered students

  • Adochite Cristina StefaniaTransilvania University of BrasovRomaniaUndergraduate student
  • Chelaru Robert-SebastianTransilvania University of BrasovRomaniaUndergraduate student
  • Ciortan Iuliana TeodoraOvidius University from ConstantaRomaniaMaster student
  • Colombo Francesca University of MilanItalyPhD student
  • Felic Asja University of RijekaCroatiaMaster student
  • Festinger Natalia University of LódzPolandPhD student
  • Hugeanu SabinaTransilvania University of BrasovRomaniaUndergraduate student
  • Iosifescu Ioana MariaTransilvania University of BrasovRomaniaMaster student
  • Jinga Luciana-AdelinaTransilvania University of BrasovRomaniaUndergraduate student
  • Kamińska Adrianna KingaUniversity of LódzPolandMaster student
  • Kansoun WalidTransilvania University of BrasovRomaniaUndergraduate student
  • Klikarova Jitka University of PardubiceCzech RepublicPhD student
  • Kovárova Michaela University of PardubiceCzech RepublicPhD student
  • Lamba Larisa Ionela Ovidius University from ConstantaRomaniaUndergraduate student
  • Linic Marko University of RijekaCroatiaUndergraduate student
  • Lungu AndreeaTransilvania University of BrasovRomaniaMaster student
  • Marghetti Claudia University of RijekaCroatiaMaster student
  • Mărăcineanu VeronicaTransilvania University of BrasovRomaniaUndergraduate student
  • Megusar PolonaUniversity of LjubljanaSloveniaPhD student
  • Minzat Mihaela-DorinaTransilvania University of BrasovRomaniaUndergraduate student
  • Mitrea MariaTransilvania University of BrasovRomaniaUndergraduate student
  • Morawska Kamila University of LódzPolandPhD student
  • Muresan Adina-GeorgianaTransilvania University of BrasovRomaniaUndergraduate student
  • Olejarz PatrycjaUniversity of LódzPolandMaster student
  • Purgat Krystian University of LódzPolandMaster student
  • Rudnicki Konrad University of LódzPolandMaster student
  • Skowron Konstancja Ewelina University of LódzPolandMaster student
  • Spanu DanielaTransilvania University of BrasovRomaniaMaster student
  • Sterniša MetaUniversity of LjubljanaSloveniaPhD student
  • Stoica AntoniaTransilvania University of BrasovRomaniaUndergraduate student
  • Stroescu CodrutaTransilvania University of BrasovRomaniaMaster student
  • Vlakancic Wendy University of RijekaCroatiaUndergraduate student
  • Wójcik SandraUniversity of LódzPolandMaster student
  • Žabcíkov Simona University of PardubiceCzech RepublicMaster student
  • Zamfir LaviniaTransilvania University of BrasovRomaniaMaster student